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December 31, 2009


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Frog in the Field

How long did this take you?
Fantastic stuff Rosie!
Happy New Year

Frog in the Field

ps. Granny on eBay story is fantastic, may try it with Shirl


Wow, you've been busy! I can't wait to keep reading in 2010. Happy New Year!


that was a nice little dive into your past posts for someone who hasn't been reading your blog very long. thank you and a happy new year to you.

Selina Kingston

It's fun reading back on what has been written over the year, isn't it. Look forward to reading more in 2010.
Happy New Year x

Linda Jones

Love your blog Rosie, great writing with heart. Thanks for a great read in 2009 and look forward to more gems in 2010. x


I remember many of these, great job Rosie and Happy New Year!

Insomniac Mummy

Love your posts Rosie. Here's to many more fab ones in 2010!

Happy New Year lovely lady!


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