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November 23, 2009


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Insomniac Mummy

I'm sorry you;ve been feeling so lost in the fog.

Sending you (((Hugs))).

You are right, children are the best medicine by far.


Liz (LivingwithKids)

So true. Even when I've had down days in the past I know I can't languish under the duvet because I have to get up and make breakfast. Make sure you're looking after yourself properly Rosie. x

Tara@Sticky Fingers

Whatever dark place you ever find yourself in Rosie, there are a whole lot more people online that are more than willing to hold your hand.
And I'll be at the front of the queue. Behind Jo Bo probably, so second in the queue probably.
Lots of love x


You're so very right about that. What would we do without them? Don't know if you know Churchill's quote, I think it sometimes rings very true: If you're going through hell, keep walking.
Hope you feel better soon ((hugs))


They are. I hope the fog stays away now. x


They are. I hope the fog stays away now. x


Children keep us going and make us strong. That's for sure. Hope you're OK.

A Modern Mother

Beautiful post Rosie. You always get your point across so well. I really don't know how you do it as a single mum.


So so true, my children are what keeps me going though all the darkness too


Very timely your (very well written) post. I finished my Big Walk which was so good for me for clearing fogs and webs and allsorts and now feel back in the reality pit. I'll walk back out of it of course, we all have to don't we? And like you say, it is so often our little ones who guide us out! Thanks for sharing this! x


What a sad but funny post - Thank God for our children. My world would be a very dark place without my two (although tidier...)

Rebel Mother

Out of the mouth of babes! They are indeed a shining light in our dark days.

Hope you feel better soon....it does pass.

Love RMxx

Rosie Scribble

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful comments and DMs. I am much better and your support has been incredibly helpful. Hugs to you all, xxx

Jo Wildman

Lovely written post that taps exactly how many mums feel.
I've recently been in that foggy tunnel as well and it is definitely my boys that keep me going:- the things they are doing at school, talking about their friends, their smiles, even the constant bickering. Anyway, hope you feel better soon, cheers Jo :)

Jo Beaufoix

Ahhh hon. On catch up as usual but you so can write young lady and it was your turn to make me all emotional. You know I love you right? And I'm so sorry about your friend. Mum only just told me today. Hope she's doing better, she deserves so much more. And IJ, she needs a squeeze, as does her Mummy. You're getting one tomorrow morning whether you like it or not lady. xx

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Jo. I am absolutely fine now, honest. Just a temporary blip.

Chic Mama

I hope today that fog is a little clearer. I know that feeling so well so empathise with you. Oh your daughter's comment was soo cute.

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