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November 08, 2009


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If a man gave me this book I would probably bash him over the head with it! Though if a man gave me this book it would probably be intended as a joke (I hope!) I wish I didn't have a sieve like memory but I've managed to dig up an article, by Jane Humphries about the 1842 mines regulation act. It's about women and children working in the mines but gives an idea of what the bourgeoisie thought of women at the time (snippets from 1909/1910 that book you say?)This is what Humphries says:

" It has long been suggested that the proletarianization of wives and children strained traditional family relationships. Wage labour distracted women and children from their domestic duties and conjugal and filial responsibilites. Women's housekeeping talents collapsed, as mothers had no time to teach and daughters no time to learn. Wage labour bred a spirit of independence that was incompatible with patriachal subordination...This led not only Marx and Engels but other social commentators of the 19th century to conclude that the working class family was in decay."

It's still the same isn't it? Domestic duties are still the realm of women. (I was about to put an exclamation mark but then thought this isn't funny!)

Just thought you might find it interesting!


It's the kind of book that would end up in 'one's' loo. These kind of books leave me cold.


I'd quite like the 'height' tip (unless it's just about wearing platform wedges, and I've already got that one covered).
Goodness, well, it shows how times have changed in some respects, and how little in others. And yes, Stigmum, domestic duties seem to remain the realm of women, whichever century we're in.


Oh, Rosie, it's still the same over here. They expect you to live as an accessory to a man. I do believe that if both are willing to sacrifice for each other the home will be happy. That's it!

peggy @ perfectly happy mum

I got the book too and I totally agree with you. I haven't wrote my review yet but it will be very much along these lines :)

Jo Beaufoix

Hmmmm, there has to be someone you could give this too as a Christmas prezzie. Is there anyone you don't like very much?? ;D

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