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November 30, 2009


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Surprise Mum

My cupbaords always HAVE to be cleaned when I'm (avoiding) revising.

I like the male distraction idea even better.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll ace it and we look forward to naughtier posts when you do!


This is an outrage! I'm speechless! Naughtier posts? You both deserve the naughty-step, that's for sure...

Liz (LivingwithKids)

Rosie! Get off twitter! Brad and Hugh await!


Good luck mamma!! You'll do it! As for boring post?????? Should we compete for it, I would be the winner!!! Thanks for the eye candy as I read!!


Ah the dreaded revision. I dont think I dare study again, I am scared that my brain will never function correctly again!

Emily Vest

Good luck. But how can you concentrate with the delicious Hugh looking at you? Sigh...


Hands of The Jackman, he's mine. Mine, I tell you!!


Good luck, study hard.


Those last pictures made me laugh. I needed that, too.


Can you make dull posts a regular feature of Mondays?

Mummy Mania

Isn;t Brad so annoying the way he just keeps popping up like that? I;m sure you tell him toon, but I'm always on at him to just go back to Angie and sort things out. Think of the kids, I say. Oh sorry, I've just woken up.... anyway, hope the exam went well!!!!

Dulwich Divorcee

Good luck - and put Brad down!

Chic Mama

Hope it goes well and all those dreams happen in the not too distant future x

Metropolitan Mum

Love it. I want to see more dull posts and even duller pictures!

Jo Beaufoix

So so dull, sighhhhh. I may have to read it again to check I didn't miss anything that would make it less dull. ;D


YAAAAWN!!! Not sure if I kept staring at the images out of boredom or admiration :)

Good luck on your exam! I'm sure you ACED it.

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