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November 02, 2009


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They're a great idea - you can limit the volume on the iPod s/w, though, and password it - I tend to do that as 85db is still pretty loud.


I will look into getting one of these for my grand daughter.

Many thanks.


We have a couple of similar headphones at our house.

The kids like them, but as you say, it's an awful lot of money.


They look rather heavy, but IJ obviously found them ok.


I don't normally read reviews, but I've been thinking of getting myself something similar, so thanks!


We have headphones very similar for the minimads, they are by JVC and as you say they are expensive but totally worth it

A Modern Mother

I've been looking for something like that, thanks for the review.


Nice post and thanks for sharing that information!

Rosie Scribble

Not heavy at all in fact. Should have pointed that out.

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