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November 29, 2009


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Brilliant conversation with a little person!I think she is wise beyond her years....never thought of marrying a snowman before, but maybe she is onto something there!


I adore hearing about these conversations. I love the way children's minds work, so innocent, so wonderful


Oh, don't you just adore that fantastic innocence they have at that age when they think they can do anything? Aww, just gorgeous.

Mummy Bear

I think she looks very cool...her desire to look after the kids is lovely! She's having a ball by the looks of it!

Crystal Jigsaw

What a fantastic idea. I think your little 6 yr old will go far. And that's a great photograph.

CJ xx

Chic Mama

Awww, great outfit.....and what an intelligent perspective at such a young age.


I think you've created a superhero. Weren't you listening?


How wonderful. Long may it last.


What a smart kid and a great catch for all those hot, single snowmen out there!

A Modern Mother

Love it! Melt the hubby!


Your daughter is very funny and I'd add that she is indeed wise beyond her years!

Mummy Mania

I like the way her mind works though!

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