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November 17, 2009


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ooh I'd go with the first one definitely...it'd stop you getting chapped lips! Now stop distracting me.... I have to go and hoover and dust.


We'll still be able to tell it's you from the Hannah Montana lunch box.

Metropolitan Mum

HAHA. Easy, cowgirl! Although i'd love to see the dropping jaws when you show up at the gates, weezing 'you shall all come with me or you shall be punished with a whip of my sleeve-whips!'.

Why don't you start with something small? I put on a shirt this morning, together with leggings-that-had-better-days and a sloppy cardigan, and Big M said: 'wow, you look preppy today.'

Dulwich Divorcee

Ooooh, I like the first one. Is it made of Post-It notes? You could write your 'to do' list down your front ....

Insomniac Mummy

Careful, you could have someone's eye out with those!


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

Ha! Love it. My 2yr old would like the first one. We'd get some great peek-a-boo time out of that one.

Emily O

Brilliant, anything which obscures your vision has to be ultra-stylish.


Oh I've stopped wearing the bottom one now, so last year


I have a thing for the second one, as with the bucket on head thing going on, I couldnt see the funny looks being directed at me. I would actually prefer the 15 mins extra sleep. I am past caring what the schoot gate Mafia think of me!!

Cafe Bebe

HA!!! I dare you!
:) Karin

Baby Purse Strings

Second one is a def, save oodles of time on the hair and make-up front, some school children may think you are a 'baddie' though!

Chic Mama

Hey! I didn't realise our children are at the same school ;0)
We won't miss you in those outfits. Good luck, though I think it may take longer than fifteen minutes to get into those clothes.
Hell, what does it matter what you wear to do the school run? It's a school run after all.

Jo Beaufoix

Tsk, it's not my fault if I look so fabulous in the mornings dwahling. And my hair is red not blonde. I think you've gone mad dear.


Ooh. Check out Nota Bene's recent blog post for how you really could dress on the school run...


Perfectly Happy Mum

Oh the black one is definitely my style. I would love to be able to go out without washing my hair. And oh the saving in make up would be great. What am I talking about I don't even wear make up at the mo... well I could mouth swear words at the neighbours still pretending to be nice... yep definitely 2nd outfit is my favourite!

Wife of Bold

I could do with getting up earlier as well and bagsy that black outfit, i like how the box type hat thingy would cover my whole head :)


we all need a revamp now and again. Isn't it true?

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