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November 09, 2009


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How exciting! I've done lots of castings with male models and I always find it very difficult to remain professional and not go to giggly pieces x

Almost Mrs Average

Hahahah - love it....you really did get me there :-)

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

HA!! I got half way down then and was about to go and scream at you on Twitter cause I was so jealous!!!

Sorry you're feeling poo. I send you a virtual Ivor to cheer you up. Hope you feel better soon xxxxx


You almost had there Lady! Hope you feel better soon... just close your eyes and dream of Ivor x


That is brilliant! You completely got me, and I only hope that 'Ivor' does appear on a train near you sometime soon (and if he does, could you ask if he's got a friend?!). Hope you get better soon.

Insomniac Mummy

Heheheee! Brilliant!

*drifts off in daydream*

Hope you're better really soon!



Quite wonderful! Was staring at pic, wondering which one was Ivor! Master story telling! Get well soon xx


Are you serious?! How fun! I was watching sickies all day.

Rosie Scribble

No, not serious, unfortunately! It's good to dream.


pmsl - I nearly bit. You should save something like this for April fools

Hot Cross Mum

You trickster you! Had me reeling with envy half way through that. Ah well, we can all dream...... :)

Jo Beaufoix

Snort. If only babe. GLad to see you looking a bit better this morning hon. x

Dulwich Divorcee

Oooh, you completely had me there, you minx. Mind you, sounds like the sort of contest mummybloggers soooooo should be involved with ....


Ha! What a great way to be ill, pretending to watch lovely yummy male models... You know I just had a great idea, I feel a sick day coming on!


my god judging a male modelling comp - you have ignited my fantasies and you have made me insanely jealous you lucky thing!!

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