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November 06, 2009


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I'll try to show it over at mine but I'll need help downloading the video. That case haunts me too, Rose.


Heartbreaking, isn't it? There's been a lot of posting about Madeleine this week, so I'm planning on doing my own in a few weeks time. Remind me, Rosie, if I forget.

Rosie Scribble

There is quite a lot of advice on the British Mummy Bloggers site about downloading the video if you need help.

Rosie Scribble

Yes, absolutely dreadful. And yes, I will remind you.

Maternal Tales

Honey - well done for the post and thanks for the comment on mine - yes I always thought that Renée looked like Maddie and a few people commented on it too (but none to your extent). It's a truly hideous situation for the McCanns to be in and if we, as bloggers, can help in any way, then I'm happy to. Like you say, someone, somewhere must know somethng. And as Potty Mummy says in the title of her Maddie post - it's never too late to do the right thing...


What a great post Rosie, it's interesting to hear how the Madeleine case has impacted on someone personally.


Really interesting - I hope this video does help them find her; thanks for posting.

Jo Beaufoix

Brilliant post Rosie. I remember when that happened to you and how upsetting we found it, but like you say, at least it meant people were looking. Now they need to look again.

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