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November 11, 2009


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What a great idea and commitment! I keep meaning to improve my attitude to food (which is different and still not healthy) for my daughter. Kids are a great motivator even if I personally always fall short on the follow through front. Better to fall short than to never do anything about it though! Happy cooking!


Good for you. Hope you have fun.


Can we have some photos of what you make?


I love food and cooking with the children, but do find it hard to be inspired about menus and food sometimes, espeically as it is all pretty much down to me.

I aim to cook with the boys twice a week (with them helping with the preparation) and we always eat together when ever possible.

I find menuplanning for a month helps and I tend to have seasonal receipes to inspire. The boys have recenly discovered the joy of curry with home made naan bread and making their own pizza and dumplings


I can also recommend Annabel's Princess Party Cookbook - there are some really gorgeous recipes in there which should capture the attention of most girls (big and small). And it features Mummytips' model girls!

No 1 Son is an incredibly fussy eater -this doesn't stem from me or his father (we're like the cookie monster x 2) - he'll only have mange tout, carrots, green beans and sugar snaps on the veg front, he doesn't like anything 'mushy', etc. I just work on the basis that as long as he's getting his five a day it's OK. I know Janet Street-Porter wouldn't approve but I give him Innocent smoothies nearly every day too just to make sure. As long as your daughter is getting her vitamins and five a day I think don't worry too much, just try to relax when you're both eating and let her know it's OK to pick at (small portions of) food like cheese too.

Chic Mama

I hope you get inspired. Let us know what you particularly like.


Being Irish, it's always bread and spuds for me. And north Indian food is full of that. The trouble is, I've got my kids hooked on potato curry and potato bread. They eat practically nothing else and I feel awful over it!


Great Idea, how about growing some veggies of your own with your daughter? Lots are really easy to grow and are suitable for pots, carrots, potatoes and lettuce etc. May keep the interest going for you both.

Good Luck whatever you do!

Metropolitan Mum

Sounds like a plan to me! xx MM


I have a friend in the exact situation -- she knows that she has passed it down to her girls, but she really doesn't know what to do about it. I'm glad you have a plan.

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