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November 06, 2009


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Insomniac Mummy

I love a cheesy tune to remind me of my youth!

Gatecrasher me up please!



Not so keen on being a gatecrasher, but I love the fact that you tuned out and had fun. I wasnt keen on Monsters v alians at all

Hannah Gray

That sounds like a great way to spend some time together - hoping to be equally good this weekend (just as soon as I finish reading a few posts...!)

please put me in the draw for Gatecrasher - sounds of my youth!


Well..quality time with the kids is something we all could do with a little bit more of......


Oh, love a compiliation CD that will remind me just how past it I am now! Please pop my name in the hat!

Jo Beaufoix


But apart from that, I loved this post. ANd did you eat all those cookies? You never offered us one yesterday, Tsk.

Jo Beaufoix

And it looks so lovely here Rosie. Lucky you had that top design guru round for a cuppa yesterday wasn't it? No need to thank me for my slight involvement.

Chic Mama

Oh Gatecrasher sounds great...I'm partial to the odd dance music compilation, then I can pretend to be seventeen again.
Love the new look. :0)


Yeah, yeah, you're right - switching off the computer now.

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