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November 18, 2009


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I'm quite jealous actually, because I love reading in the bath and could really do with one of these. And I love drinking wine in the bath (when the sun has set on the lawn, obv!), especially champagne, although these days it's more likely to be cava.


Obviously the more you drink the more you recycle. Lets all save the planet as often as possible.


I can't see the photos for some reason - but I love Simplehuman. I've got one of their bins which closes silently - just genius, as I hate the sound of a banging bin lid. Precious, moi?

Very Bored Housewife

Wow a wine glass holder, mine just normally sits on top of the karzi lid! What a great idea.


Very nice indeed!

Maternal Tales

I want one. I want one!!! Love it. Not sure it would look quite so swish atop our avocado green bath, but hey, I'm not fussy!

Potty Mummy

Of course you're not going to give that away! Who would?


I want one of those, that would encourage me to have loads more baths. Nothing like not having to twist your body unnaturally to reach the wine whilst you soak!

Metropolitan Mum

Ahhhh. Ohhhh. I want one of those!!! Now you got me all envious again. Great hair, great wine-glass-in-bath-holder, great bin. You've got it all, Rosie, you've got it all.


Ah! The luxuries of life! Essential sometimes!


It's not fair! You've got nibbles on there and everything. Or some kind of sophisticated Japanese bathing pebbles. Whichever, it's definitely providing a superior bathing experience. Oh well, you probably don't need any Christmas presents now...

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