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October 22, 2009


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I felt exactly like you, and I'd like to bet that almost every other mother out there did too. But I found it really hard to talk about at the time because it just seemed so awful to own up to. I think blogging has really helped new mothers, because it's now much easier to see that you are not the only one who feels like that. Great post!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Victoria. I wasn't sure what the reaction would be to this post. It's a relief to know you can relate and I haven't said the unthinkable.

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

I hear you loud and clear.

Since becoming a mum I have had days when I have felt more miserable than I have ever before in my whole life. Quite a lot of them actually.

But I have also had days where I thought I might explode from just the sheer and unequivocal joy of it all.

They kind of balance each other out thankfully. And in a few years when I look back it all, you can guarantee it will be the joy explosion moments that stick in my head and dominate my memory. Which makes all the crappy days worth riding out.


Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Josie. I agree that the great days do balance out the difficult ones, and of course in the end it's all worth it.

Rebel Mother

I didnt find motherhood easy at all. Being a teenage single parent to Liam was far easier than being married with a teenager and two little toddlers!

I went ga-ga!!! I really did.

Now the little kids are 11 & 10 and Liam is 23, it is much more fun.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!


Rosie Scribble

Thanks, RM. It is interesting to hear how many mothers have found it all very difficult. Too often I haven't heard people admitting that openly. Makes me realise I was not alone at all. Thank you.


I agree with what you're saying. I struggled to get pregnant with my first child, it took us 3 years. During that time all I wanted was children, I was desperate. But of course I focussed on the rose tinted view and didn't make myself realise what hard work it is. I'm obviously very happy to be a mum now and I'm happier now than I was before children, but part of that could be my age and feeling more confident about myself. After the long wait for a baby I was shocked to discover how it turned my world upside down and I also suffered with PND. I know a few people who are desperate to become parents too and part of me wants to explain it's not the be all and end all in life. Yes it can be wonderful, but it can horrendous too!


Yes, yes, yes. I'm happier too because I was depressed before I had children and I'm not now, but having small children is tough at times. Especially if you're at home with them.


It can be lonely, for sure. It's good to be honest about these things, not least for the people who are about to become parents. So much is to do with expectation. Parenthood is so often portrayed as blissful. It's better to have a little realism before you embark, I think.

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