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October 31, 2009


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Janine Clements

I am definitely a southern girl. I live in London and rarely go North of the Watford Gap (although I did do a 3 year stint at university in Leeds a while ago) - it's always cold and raining! I'd much rather head further South in search of the sun. Unfortunately my in-laws now live in Northumberland, so I begrudginly head up there from time to time (in fact we have a weekend planned in November). They live right near a beach but it's on the North Sea - I'll be packing my thermals. As they say "it's grim up North" ;)

Rosie Scribble

Janine, it can certainly be cold, I agree, but there is aome fabulous scenery to look at while you're wrapped warm:)


I have lived in both the Northa dn the South and have to say that my heart belongs in North Yorkshire, along with MadDad's and I would follow him to the end of the earth

Very Bored Housewife

I used to drive across the M62 every single working day, on the rare occasions that it was raining it wsa a beautiful scene, one that I was able to look at quite a lot due to the stupid amount of traffic on said motorway and that fact that it was generally a car park!

That said, when we come home to the UK for visits we spend our time divided between Yorkshire and Nottingham and I love it 'up norf'! It's so much prettier and the people are definitely more friendly. *stands back, lights touch paper* Plus they don't sell gravy in London do they? xx

Working Mum

So how did you find Manchester?

I've decided I'm a city girl who likes visiting the countryside. Best of both worlds!

Rosie Scribble

The Madhouse,such devotion, it's absolutely lovely.

Very bored housewife, yes the people are lovely and the scenery amazing. And the gravy is good!

Working Mum, Manchester was great. I know it's your neck of the woods. We've been there many times and I love the shopping. This time we visited the Lowry. Now I'm inspired


Hmmmmmm. Now I remember why we need to get back to Britain.

Her on the Hill

Ah yes, I'm a bit confused too as to whether I'm a city girl or country girl at heart. Truth of the matter is, I'm both. I love the best bits of both, at least. I've lived in cities at home and abroad and loved the buzz, but right now, buried in the heart of Derbyshire's beautiful Peak District, with the lights of Manchester glittering on the plain in the distance, I feel I have the best of both worlds. Just wish it would rain a bit less! But then it wouldn't be green, would it?! Sigh.

But yes - I love dipping down into Manchester for a bit of action (great shopping, restaurants, concerts, theatres) but I love, just as much, returning to the peace and beauty of my home. It's a spiritual need in this mad, bad world.

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