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October 19, 2009


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Have you turned into Mika?

Very Bored Housewife

I absolutely couldn't agree more. I feel really sorry for young girls nowadays, they have so much pressure on them to be stick thin, preferably with porn star boobs. The view on how a woman should look has become so distorted, it really saddens me.

Rosie Scribble

Ian, damn right I have, and I'm singing it loud!

VBH, thank you for your more sensible comment! It is a shame there is so much pressure on young girls these days. It is, quite frankly, wrong.

Muddling Along Mummy

I completely agree - teaching our daughters a good relationship with food and respect for themselves and their bodies is so important, especially when becomming a WAG seems to be the career choice of so many teenagers


I totally agree - I've met a lot of skinny celebs and they're so thin it actually makes you wince. I think Posh has got over her Lollipop phase but there are so many other celeb mums disappearing before our eyes... it's sad.


I find the whole thin mummy thing so sad. A fab friend of mine is a fantastic mother, but worries so much about her daughter's weight that she has stopped letting her have second helpings. The daughter is four-and-a-half years old, has just started school and is growing almost as you watch. So she's hungry, but because fab friend got such grief from her own mother about the importance of remaining thin, she's now in danger of repeating the pattern with her own daughter. It makes me so sad, and I worry, but know I wouldn't be thanked for my comments. But thank you for highlighting this issue, and hopefully we'll all bring up happy, healthy children, in mind as well as in body.


I find the whole thing so completely terrifying - I just can't imagine how girls can grow up with anything even approaching a healthy body image in today's society.

I try and protect Flea as much as I can - but I do worry about it.

I have a friend with a 15-year-old daughter who is binge eating, putting on weight, and desperately unhappy - and my friend is terrified about what to do - do you mention it, not mention it, offer to help, restrict food intake, go to the gym or not go to the gym?

Such a minefield but I think you're right - all we can do is be healthy and try and be a good example.

Insomniac Mummy

I have terrible self esteem. Just last night I was thinking that I need to remedy this fixation I have with striving for an inattaiable idea of perfection.

I am not thin, by any measure, and to be healthy for my kids I need to lose weight and get fit, but I also need to do it in a away that teaches them to be healthy, happy and self confident about themselves. I never want them to feel like I do.

It's not easy, but I want to try.


I keep waiting for the day when being this stick thin is suddenly untrendy and people in the public eye pile on some pounds again. Sadly I don't think it's going to happen, not while size 0 is celebrated on the catwalk. I once read an interesting article on what the long-term health prospects for women like Victoria Beckham are likely to be. I think they're high contenders for osteoporosis among other things. It's tricky for us striking a balance between making our children aware of healthy eating and encouraging them to have a good appetite and enjoy food.

Jo Beaufoix

You know how I feel about this Rosie. As someone who's had food issues all my life I'm so scared that my kids will develop an equally unhealthy relationship. Except they won't, because I have mates like you around to ground me, as well as a brain, a growing sense of self worth and experience. Hugs. xx

A Modern Mother

As you saw yesterday, I have no issues with eating!

Jennifer Howze

So true. I saw an article recently in which Cindy Crawford said she never eats even one french fry when she takes her kids to McDonalds. Great role model.


Oh wow, thank you really interesting post - and such a contrast to my experience of being a fattie and having it would seem ore support/help in dealing with weight "issues" at that end of the scale.

Where has your blog been all my life? Love it.

Good evening, Good Afternoon and Good Day to you. x


Well said Rosie.
I'm glad I have sons because there is less pressure on them to conform to an airbrushed ideal of beauty. Although sadly I think it's only a matter of time before boys are targeted by the ridiculous fashion industry.
It upsets me to see young girls whose only ambition in life is to be a WAG or a 'celebrity'. Grr!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I was going to plan individually but then the comments kept on coming, which is great. Thanks for taking the time to comment on a subject I feel very passionately about.

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