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October 18, 2009


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Brit in Bosnia

Love the picture. Love the rainbow colours (so cheerful) and the frown lines - I have more than a few of those.

Thanks for the tag. I actually did it the other day - shamelessly taking part having not been previously tagged. There's a whole lot of waffle before you get to the picture but you can see my boys efforts at drawing here

Jo Beaufoix

Hon, I hate to tell you, but generally you do have the words 'so,no,go' on your face. I thought they were self applied tattoos from your youth. Now I know, we can do some experiments with concealer ok? No need to thank me.

And thanks for the tag. I dare say M will draw me looking like a scary, not princess, face gone wrong. Sighhhhhh. E, I'm relying on you.


I too have completed this, I am grim - at least you are a rainbow and smiling...!


A Modern Mother

Love the picture, and yes I can see the resemblence ;-)


Good one...I'm so sorry I am coming to this so late! Thank you so much for taking up the challenge so enthuasiically ehthusaiatic enthusiastick keenly. I see a future as a wunderkind of the art set. I'd like to think the words can be sang to a rhythm but unfortuantely all that springs to mind is: "no, no, no no ,no , no there's no limits..." has to be read with the right beat of course x

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