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October 08, 2009


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Jo Beaufoix

Fabulous post hon and so true. I've not heard back from you know who about that issue I've been having with them. Maybe I'll send them to this post. x
P.s. Did you get my message? And is the munchkin ok?


I thought it was the recession, you know - slashing marketing budgets and so on. But your explanation makes much more sense. And you're so right about the - well - sheer unprofessionalism of so many firms. A simple read-through would establish who was likely to be suitable for what. But then, I feel like I'm a complete amateur, almost sucked into the pro game here. You're all on typepad, or have your own domain, and I have blogger which keeps throwing half my readers off my site! But then, why did I start blogging? To review stuff? To move up the rankings? To maximise my SEO? Well, no - although now I've fallen through the rabbit hole I must say the whole experience is quite exciting. I need some training... And I need my own domain. (I'll get my coat...)


Great post Rosie, well said.

New Mummy

Great post. I get quite a few piches the worst are the ones offering me things for 3 plus when my blog clearly states BG is a baby! The worst emails are the ones that just have a link and the expect you to just put it on your blog!

A Modern Mother

Hear, hear!


Very good post. The ones that are annoying me are the blanket pitches that expect you to fall over yourself to write about X because "it's free content". I didn't start a blog because I have nothing to say, therefore I have plenty of content thank you very much.

I should add that there are many out there that are doing quite well with their pitches too. Disney, Butlins, Griffin, Frugi to namedrop a few.

Karen@If I Could Escape . . .

What a great post!


And it's all part of the ongoing worry for print publications - who wants to pay for copy when they can get so much for free online? Editorial integrity - ie. being scrupulously (ruthlessly/amusingly/rudely?!) honest - is at the heart of so many blogs, mummy or not. Let's hope the blogging community manages to maintain its objectivity and integrity, and refuses to be seduced by the freebies.
Thanks for a thought provoking post. And no, none of us want to try out high heeled baby shoes (seriously, was offered some only this week!)

Janine Clements

I've yet to be asked to review high heeled baby shoes, chips (I think someone was asked to review recently) or Disney, but was recently contacted by a baby food company. Have said I am very happy to review their products, but as you say I will be completely honest!

PS Also happy to review luxury holidays, chocolate and wine :).

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