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October 04, 2009


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Insomniac Mummy

I just asked Big E (almost 3) what he wants to be when he grows up and he said Daddy......awwwwww!

I think of they're gonna be happy in life then you have to let them make their own decisions and not push them towards something they might not like. I guess if they want to be what you want them to be then fair enough. But if their talent is creative and you push them towards a career in law or medicine to fulfil your own dreams then that isn't fair. Just my (slightly nonsensical opinion) of course.

I'd quite like to be a monkey too.



Sleeping and dribbling... is there a career that incorporates those?


A few years ago, before having children, I asked a godchild (aged 4) what she'd like to be. 'Me' she answered 'I like being me'. Hopefully she'll continue loving being her very own lovely - and often quite monkey-ish - self.

A Modern Mother

A monkey sounds really good -- all those bananas!

Maternal Tales

Aah - that's too cute. Yes, I think being a monkey is preferable to a 9-5 job definitely. My 5-year old wants to be an animal rescuer (she watches too much Go Diego Go I think). When I was her age I thik I wanted to be a jockey. Not quite sure why that didn't happen!


We saw a few of those on Saturday (at Woburn). Sally wants one, but I don't think she wants to be one, and Charlie behaves like one most of the time but can't articulate any great ambition (yet).

Your posts reminds me of some colleagues, years ago, who had their children's education mapped out. They were all going to Oxford (obviously) and thence to some high powered career. I think reality has forced some slight adjustment of the plan in recent years...

Rebel Mother

Ha! Love it. Wish I was a monkey...wouldnt have to worry about paying bills!


Jo Beaufoix

Some people might say she's already a monkey Rosie. Not me, obviously, ;D


What's wrong with being a monkey? Good career choice if you ask me.

A friend told me her son said he wanted to be a stand-up comedian when he was older. She told him it might be an idea to have something else to fall back on, just in case it didn't work out. He thought about it and said "I wouldn't mind being the person who puts the cream into cakes."


I'd quite like to be a monkey too, sometimes, or failing that a big fat panda.

My son has always known what he wants to do, and that's be a film director. Not just any film director, a Steven Spielberg global Oscar-winning film director. So after school, and uni, then film school... I'm hoping we'll see some return on our investment!


Happy and fulfilled, that is what I want my toddler to be when she grows up.

hectic Mum

That's a great response, would she make a good monkey then? My little 21month old would no doubt respond 'a train' when he's older! Liz

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