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October 13, 2009


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Good for you! I still can't drive (one of the advantages of being a teenager in London was that I didn't need to learn... but when I became a mum of course I would have loved to be able to drive). I've had about 20 lessons. I do think I would like to learn again. Maybe one day. And if I do I think I'll probably do it in secret for a bit, like you... too much family pressure to succeed! x


Congratulations! I'm sure you'll pass your test and be a very competent driver. My mother intermittently reminds me (as recently again as this past Saturday) of the time when I still had my learners licence and was driving her car with her as passenger and I rode over the kerb as I took a corner. I have had my proper licence for 26 years so thats how old that story is!!

Insomniac Mummy

Good for you!

I can't drive, never had a single lesson. I would actually like to learn now but can't afford the lessons or insurance :(.

Maternal Tales

I can't believe you managed to keep it a secret for so long! I'm sure I would have blabbed way before you. But well done...and keep up the good work. When's the test?? xx

Muddling Along Mummy

Great news about your friend Lu

And IMMENSE congratulations on passing the test - enjoy driving !


Excellent thing to learn. And if you felt you needed to keep it a secret, there was probably a good reason. Yay for you!

Dad Who Writes

I'm so impressed, with both achievements. I've been examining my own conscience about it recently too. Suspect I'm ultimately just not that interested by this point in time. Am still in awe of people who actually go out and do it and get through the test and everything, though, like your good self.

Jo Beaufoix

I am so glad you came out my lovely. I was very scared it would be one of my children who would let it out. Now I can breathe easy. So proud of you. x

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