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October 24, 2009


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i went with 4year old and she was terrified at some parts especially with the dogs. i felt a bit guilty taking her to see it! i wasn't expecting the dark depressing bit either it was good but not for young kids xxx

A Modern Mother

Thanks for the review, I was looking forward to seeing it this break. Oh, well, guess it's an art museum instead...


Dudelet might enjoy it - he copes with Doctor Who and the Studio Ghibli films happily enough. I wasn't quite quick enough with the spoiler but I bet its fairly clearly telegraphed.

Rosie Scribble

Amy, I felt exactly the same as you but thought it would be good for older kids who understand all the issues raised in the film.

A Modern Mother, if your kids are alittle older or maybe less sensitive than IJ (who can be very over-sensitive) then don't let them miss out.

Dadwhowrites, I've made my spoiler alert bigger as a result of your comment although it won't really ruin the film in anyway. If Dudelet likes Doctor Who (and Sarah Jane Adventures) then you'll have no problem with this film.

Working Mum

Thank you for that. I was going to take my daughter, but I don't think it sounds suitable. I'll look out for a different film instead.


Evan and I went to see it on wednesday. We left half way through as he couldn't cope with the scary dogs.

I was expecting to leave at some point before the end however, he hasn't got the attention span yet to sit through a whole film anyway.

He said he enjoyed it, apart from the dogs and the storm. But you are right, it's a film for older kids and adults with some interesting themes. I'm intending on renting it on DVD when it comes out.

Did you see the short before it? the one with the storks? It was brilliant I thought.

As for Dad Who Writes - dudelet sat through Coraline, so he'll have no bother at all.


Little S has been wanting to watch this for ages...maybe we'll give it a miss, don't want to scare him!

Rosie Scribble

Working Mum, I read your recent blog post (thanks for the mention by the way) and I think Ice Age 3 would be a great choice. We watched it in 3D and loved it. Definitely not scary!

Dan, I thought we would be walking out half way through and was actually surprised that IJ stayed for the whole film. I'm glad to hear you agree it's a film for older kids. I was starting to wonder maybe if IJ was just over-sensitive.

Clareybabble, I think it would be fine for a nine year old but under that I don't think it's the best choice and the comments here seem to agree with that.

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