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September 03, 2009


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Hi, Ingenious! You know, single parent or not, there are no breaks for mothers..I'm telling you! That post could have been written by me.....

Half Mum Half Biscuit

Enjoy the new breathing spaces! One of the nice things I find about my son being at school is that I appreciate him more having had some time apart. It's amazing what re-charged batteries and replenished levels of sanity do for clarity of vision! (Dylan's been back at school for nearly three weeks now - the holidays are different in Scotland.)


Nice vacation memories, and a lovely ode to teachers. I agree teachers are fabulous with kids. It does get easier for single parents as our kids get older. Mine are teens now, and fairly independent. Great kids, a joy to be around. They grow up quick - don't miss a minute.


I can't imagine how teachers do it. Where DO they get their energy from?

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