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September 24, 2009


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I love that show too, although I'd happily throttle some of the people looking for a property. I love watching property shows on TV, maybe I should have been an estate agent?!


I missed it last night.. love that show too! I have left you an award at mine you like minded lady x


Oh I miss that show so much! They used to show it on BBC AMerica and I got completely addicted. *sigh.

Expat Mum

Ha ha ha. I have to say, I've been laughing my head off this morning. What is it about the end of the week that makes everyone so funny! Or am I just so tired I'm giddy?

Karen@If I Could Escape . . .


Love that show too -- it used to be shown on BBC America, but have not seen it on for ages. Actually they don't show much lately but Gordon Ramsey, You Are What You Eat and Top Gear.

Jo Beaufoix

OMG that is hilarious. What are you like. I watched that too though and loved it. It made me laugh when Kirstie basically admitted she doesn't actually like a lot of the people they have on the show. Brilliant.


ha ha we all have programmes that have that effect on us.

there is an award waiting for you over at mine http://snafflesmummy.blogspot.com/


That made me laugh, a lot.
Hey, we al get distracted from time to time. I'm reading blogs and my children are watching TV. Hmm, better go!

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