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September 18, 2009


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Insomniac Mummy

Sounds like a very interesting read indeed.

I cannot stand it when companies market directly to small children.

I made a complaint to M&S last year about them placing a huge stand of chocolate in the toddler clothing dept. My then less than 2 year old went scatty for some so I wrote an email. They lost a sale that day because we had to leave the store because of the tantrum he was throwing.

They could not have been less interested and said parents wanted junk food to be sold to their kids in this manner.

Furious? Me? Totally.

Will stop ranting now....sorry!


Rosie Scribble

Hi Insomniac Mummy, I'm surprised by M&S as there are usually pretty good, but putting a chocolate stand in the toddler section is beyond ridiculous! I'd be furious too. Shopping with children is difficult enough as it is.


This whole area is so scary. As a parent, I often feel I'm swimming against a very very strong tide. I suppose you just have to discuss these things as much as possible, and encourage a strong value system in your children, so that they're not just bewitched by the newest gadget.

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