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July 10, 2009


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Happy Mum

This is such a sad story! It is such a shame to see such events happening in schools. There is a real lack of support in the educational system, be it for the pupils or for the teachers.
Let's hope that kid gets better.

Teenage novel is doing well! Well done!



Happy Birthday IJ,



I saw this on the news yesterday and found it sad on so many levels. No one had anything but lovely things to say about the teacher, so God knows what led to such a disastrous outcome. So sorry it is impacting your community.

On a brighter note: Happy Birthday IJ and hope you have a fabulous party.

Crystal Jigsaw

Always a very awkward situation when a school comes under interrogation for something that could have possibly been avoided. I think all schools have their bad teachers, but equally there are many good ones. It's a shame though, because if this man is found guilty, it will ruin the school's reputation for good. I hope things settle down.

And hope IJ has a lovely birthday party xx


Happy Birthday to IJ. I hope she had a lovely time.
What a shame about the school, I wouldn't like to be a teacher these days. It's a very difficult job.


What a horrible story. I'm not making excuses (there is NO excuse for violence towards anyonem especially children) but teachers are so pushed, underpaid and under resourced. No wonder things start to go wrong. Hope IJ has a lovely birthday x


This is a shocker - first thing the frog asked was what the kids had done to him... who knows but it's bloody awful.

Happy Birthday IJ though!


Happy birthday to IJ of course. A very disturbing story. I'll be back to find out what happened. Please God, things will be resolved and the child will be okay.


How horrible and very sobering. Wish IJ a very happy 6th birthday - hope she has an amazing time! x

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