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June 25, 2009


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Bill Oddie she ain't.


That's spooky - Charlie killed a bug today too and was very puzzled by it 'it's broken Mummy' he said in bewilderment as if he expected me to fix it. I guess they have no idea about death - pretty soon it'll be relentless saving of bugs in jam jars I bet.


Thorough AND meticulous, she'll go far,


Happy Mum

Sorry couldn't help but laughing :) It reminds me of my sister. She loved cutting worms in half when she was going fishing with my dad. I hated fishing and couldn't think of anything more gross than touching worms...

Working Mum

She's either going to be a doctor or a murderer!

Rebel Mother

Oh, I did laugh! I think you may have a 'tom-boy' on your hands!

Love the warning sign - fabulous! RMx


I love the added part about running it over. Best to be safe, I think?

OMG We're Pregnant

at least she did it properly and didnt torture the poor thing ......


She sounds like she's got a bit of something about her - I like her style!


LOL! Won't get on the wrong side of your daughter then!

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