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June 12, 2009


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Rebel Mother

Those cakes look gorgeous! Got any left? RMx

Perfectly Happy Mum

The cakes look good... :0)


I recognise at least two of the 'culprits'.

Those cakes look amazing!


Oh, I'd quite like YOUR day!!!


Don't feel guilty about having a nice time. Makes you a better mum


Am disappointed that they weren't all your cakes! Can they be all my cakes? Yummy! Whoever said that we mums sit about drinking coffee doesn't have a clue - excuse me I just need to go and switch the Nespresso machine on....


Cor, that's a lot of cake consumption! Glad you enjoyed your day :-)

Millennium Housewife

It's very rude not to offer them round first. A custard slice for me next time please MH


OOOh yum, I'm drooling now.


Nottingham has a Hooters, and your lording cakes, well I never.


Haha....i am starting to dribble at the sight of those cakes mmmmmm. Looks like you had a great day, a mother's work is never done eh? :)

Jo Beaufoix

Sigghhhhhh. It was such a trial. ;D

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