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May 23, 2009


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Jo Beaufoix

You are like soooooo uncool. ;D

Tara@Sticky Fingers

Oh lordy! That's pushing the boundaries of 'a beautiful lady' a bit isn't it?
don't worry, i've a 3-year-old who'se not interested in anything remotely girly.
For her birthday she wants a Peter Pan outfit and a knife!

Maggie May

You have to move with the times! Get with it gal! LOL!
Oh my, they don't stay little for long, do they? My granddaughters are just getting out of the pink phase.(At least the nearly 7 year old is!)

Working Mum

Oh my, that is even weirder for me as my husband dressed at Lady Ga Ga for a charity video recently (not pretty at all!)

PS Award over at my place

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