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April 25, 2009


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Jo Beaufoix

I can't wait, hee hee. I need to borrow that album though babe. :D


How exciting I hope you have a great time!

Yummy Mammy

Hope you had a good time. I'm off to see them this weekend with small child.


I'd love a date with Girls Aloud, well most of them anyway.

I 'saw' them last year at V Festival, but I was a little tired-and-emotional at the time, so can't tell you if they were any good.


Ahh... I love Girls Aloud! Never did when they first came onto the scene but now? Can't get enough! We've got tickets to see Coldplay on the penultimate day of their world tour... and I think Om more excited about seeing Girls Aloud as the support act!! Nice PVC catsuit on the Lovely Mrs Cole there! Only she could look good in one of those!

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