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March 24, 2009


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I was unfortunately offered some oof their chilli and chocolate crisps last week. Awful!

Anther flavour I'll be avoiding is cajun squirrel ...


Oh dear. I have given both boys a combination of crisps and an ice lolly for breakfast the past 2 mornings. I know I am creating a rod for my own back here but Captain Underpants is so sick that he won't even attempt to digest anything remotely healthy and I am past the point of caring as long as he ingests something other than water that actually contains calories. Which is all a bit of a blast for Johnny Drama, who doesn't have pneumonia, isn't lying all feak and weeble on his sick bed and thinks this new breakfast offering is a sign that he must have died and gone to heaven.

Coding Mamma (Tasha)

It's funny where they pick things up from. Rosemary has been saying 'It's diamond standard.' recently. Huh? Then I saw an advert for Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets on Nick Jr the other day and it all became clear.


Ooh no all the flavours are disgusting, they put me off crisps for ages....well about 10 minutes.

Mary Threadgould

I agree with Laura, the chilli and chocolate crisps are truely awful. Following a night out on Saturday I tucked in to the onion barji ones...again truely awful My husband gave me a right telling off for eating them in bed, the smell was terrible.

Rosie Scribble

Laura, chocolate crisps are just not normal. No-one should try and change the taste of chocolate, not even Walkers!

Nicola, poor Captain Underpants deserves some TLC at the moment. I'd give him lollies and crisps if he asked for them.

Tasha, advertisers have clearly discovered the power of the child!

Mary, thanks for dropping by. Why haven't I heard of any of these flavours?? Your poor husband is all I can say!!!

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