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June 07, 2009


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OMG I can't believe they made Tattoo Barbie! They must be running out of ideas, unless they want to make chav Barbie?!

Surprised mum

Just realised the plasters I have bought ready to apply to my bumpsy daisy daughter are 'tattoo style'. Am I asking for trouble?!

Rosie Scribble

Clare, now that Barbie has pushed the boundaries this far, who knews what could happen!

Surprised, Tattoo style plasters? Hilarious!Perhaps they will do for my 5 year old instead.


Barbie is a stupid bitch.


Never liked Barbie and I'm glad my daughters doesn't either. You see how all this can influence small children. My daughter instead would like hair extensions for her birthday...what's next? Ciao. A.

Crystal Jigsaw

I know exactly what you mean - Amy wants to know why Bratz girls can wear makeup and have their ears pierced when she can't.

CJ xx

Yummy Mammy

So they went and gave Barbie a tramp stamp. Whatever next!!! She'll be slugging blue WKD on a street corner wearing a velour tracksuit with a nasty logo stuck up her arse

OMG We're Pregnant

Gosh! I am more than a tad shocked! Next she'll be coming with a needle, some smack, and a smoking pipe...... or perhaps they wont go that far and she'll just come with a bottle of Vodka and a packet of cigarettes?!

NOT can I quickly add that I am suggesting that people with tats are crack heads, both mr and I have them, but I am shocked Barbie has!


bloody brilliant! Thanks for a great post!


omg this actually happened to me the other morning.

Rushing around trying to get dd1 (age 5) dressed for school (I send her up and she takes 20 mins to not get dressed).

So there I was brushing her hair while dh looks after dd2 (16months)(well more like screaming d2 not darling!) and she asks me if she can have a tatto, and not because of Barbie but because Megan had one at her party on weekend.........!


Barbie has arse antlers! That's shocking! Thanks for a fab post that made me laugh.



Suddenly feeling very happy that I am having a boy. This is so scary, not really a role model for girls at all!

Jo Beaufoix

So how did I miss this one? I bet it was when I was getting that tattoo. I must show IJ....

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